Devon-rex cattery
                                         Registered in WCF, FIFE



        We are glad to see You on the website of our small cattery of cats of breed Devon-Rex. 

        The nursery is registered in WCF and FIFE systems at 2017 year.

In the breeding of Devon the most important is their health, species identity and compliance with the standard.

        Our kittens are growing up in a country house. We believe that our "children" will be as loved and desired for their new parents!                  

        Sincerely, Elena Gorodkov and our very first pet is already derived from the breeding of the founder of our "feline family" cat Zinedin.

© 2017 Питомник кошек девон-рэкс "Zinedin`s family"


Москва, 8-917-514-33-51

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